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Stillwell Store & RV Park

Alpine, Texas

There are those that say if you haven't been to Stillwell Store, RV Park and Halley Stillwell Hall of Fame then you haven't seen all of Texas. Located six miles for the North entrance of Big Bend Nation Park on a paved but narrow FM 2627 Highway. The small store has a few of everything and regular gas, priced as you would expect in this off the beaten path place. The store even has public Wi-Fi. No passwords or anything. Best signal is found by sitting on the porch in front pf the store.

Then there is the Hallie Stillwell Hall of Fame. This whole place was originally opened by Halley and has served as the center of the sparsely populated area of Texas. People that live in the come to Stillwell Store to collect their mail.

One thin that I find odd is the location of the store is listed as Alpine, Texas and sometimes, Marathon, Texas. If you are in Alpine or Marathon looking for the Stillwell store, you won't 45 find it. Alpine is a full 76 miles from the store and Marathon 45 miles.

If you want to know where it is really located, check the map at the bottom of the page. Or better yet, send them an email or give them a call. They are frindly and will talk to you and tell you anything you need to know. You can find their contact information on their website. Link below.

Stillwell Store and RV Park
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Stillwell Store
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It has a little bit of everything
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Part of the Stillwell RV park
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Hallie Stillwells Hall of Fame
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Hallie Stillwell 20 Oct 1897 - 18 Aug 1997 (aged 99)
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Hallie Stillwell Justice of the Peace Brewster County, Texas