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Track of the Cat

by Nevada Barr

Mass Market Paperback - 311 pages
Reprint edition (May 1994) Avon
ISBN: 0380721643
Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 6.88 x 4.17
Other Editions: Hardcover

You'll want to have a chilled bottle of water on the table next to you when you read this book. You get dusty and sweaty. Your mouth gets dry and thirsty. I'd say Nevada Barr has captured the majesty and terror of the Guadeloupe's.

She has spun a tale of intrigue and mystery through the rocky trails, bringing you to the very edge, a feeling that one gets when you turn the corner and look off into the abyss.

Anna Pigeon, won't let go of the facts. She starts out tracking cats. She ends up tracking a killer.

Alone, independent, and strong, she is in tune with the nature around her. It suits her since she is avoiding having to deal with things in her past. The solitude provides the perfect atmosphere to see clearly, think clearly to overcome the ultimate adversity, life and death.

What a woman!

What a country!

It makes me want to go back. If you haven't been there, the book will give you the feel of the place.

Clara Sue