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This is Texas Bob's genealogy page. Years ago there was a wagon train moving West. They came upon a big sign that said "This way to the Promise Land". Those that could read followed it. Those who couldn't came to Texas. If you see any of your family names in these lists and want to know more. Drop ole Texas Bob a line.


These genealogy pages are dedicated to Elizabeth Ann Witcher and her grandson Billy Joe McSpadden.; In 1957 Lizzi Witcher ask her grandson to research their ancestors for the annual Armistead Melville Family reunion. For many years Billy was the official historian for the reunion organization.; Every year he would entertain the group with his stories of the Witcher ancestors.; He would end by saying, "I haven't found any horse thieves or learned of anyone that has been hanged, so I guess I'll keep researching the family."

Don't mess with living Texans

It is not the intention of this site to release personal information regarding those still living. If you see someone on this site that is still living, please contact me and I will remove the information. Texas Bob