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T. A. Witcher Letter

Below is a copy of an old, faded letter, written in very illegible handwriting, to T.A. Witcher from V.A. Witcher, and found among his papers. The letter was transcribed as written. No corrections in grammar, spelling, or facts were made.

Riceville, Sept. 7, 1906
Mr. T. A. Witcher,
Brownwood, Texas

Dear sir:

In reply to your favor of recent date, and in answer to your enquiries:

At the creation of this County in 1767, one Wm. Witcher qualified as a vestryman for the Parish of Cambden. He was afterwards Capt., Justice of the Peace, and Maj. in the Continental Army. His will is dated in 1808.

His sons were Caleb, Ephraim, John, Daniel, and William, His daughters-Ann, who married a Razor and other daughter married Morrison. I know nothing of them and descendants. William and John died in this County. Ephraim and Caleb move to Surrey and Nash Counties, N.C. Daniel moved to Kanawha County, West Va., on Witcher Creek. He was the Ancestor of Gen. J.L. Witcher of Salt Lake City, who was in the Yankee Army. I am a grandson of Vincent Witcher who was a son of Wm. I did meet Toliver Witcher when a boy, at the Columbia Hotel in Richmond. He was then Georgian. Seemed to be reticent, and as I was a mere boy I talked and saw but little of him. There is a family of Witchers in Clark and Oglethorpe Georgia and I learn there is another family near Marietta. Vincent Witcher was for 29 years a Representative from this County. Also President of Richmond and Danville R.R. Came in one vote of being elected Governor and 3 votes of U.S. Senate. Had 3 sons N.M. (Nathaniel Newbill Witcher) Capt. V.O. and Col. W.A. Witcher of 21st Va. Regiment. V.O. died in 1869. Belonged to 57th If. I am a son of N.M. and commanded the 34th Va. Cav. I was at the battle of Gettysburg, and out of 432 men, lost all but 96. Was sent to East Tenn, and participated in all campaigns there. ________ and after Lee I surrendered. Was introduced to President Davis by Gen'l Jno C. Breckenridge, as the bravest of the brave, the truest of the true.

I am a farmer. Own a good farm, and am 69 years old. Never held a Civil office, and told the President two years ago, wanted Elective or appointed: and have been for many years dissatisfied with both the centralizing tendencies of the Republicans, and the demagogary and insincerity of the Democrats, who seem to have no great underlying principles. Hence I am allied with the Populist and am a member of both the National and State Committees. Feel little interest any way.

Your mother was educated at a grand, noble Institution. My first wife was also educated at Salem. My present wife has a niece in your City who was formerly a Mrs. Rucker. I think she married a McCormick. I would be pleased to write to you any time, and give you all the information I can. There are James Witcher at Bells that Sen. Bailey has told me of. Mrs. Nancy Langhorne Astor, her grandmother was a Witcher. During the War I met Mrs. Dr. Ewing (illegible) Cumberland Gap, and she said Wm. L. ______ and Ben Hill were Cousins of ours. The Daltons-- she was daughter of James Witcher.

Very truly and respectfully,
(signed V.A. Witcher)

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