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Texas Counties

... from Anderson to Zavala

Of the 254 counties, 42 bare Indian, French, or Spanish names. Ten honor such colonizers as Stephen F. Austin, "The Father of Texas." Twelve were named for Washington, Clay and other American patriots. Ninety-six were named for men like Glasscock who fought in the Texas War of Independence or at the Alamo, 15 dying at the Alamo, signed the Declaration of Independence or served as statesmen in the Republic of Texas. Twenty-three have the names of frontiers men and pioneers. Eleven honor American statesmen who worked for the annexation of Texas. Ten leaders in Texas since statehood, including jurist, ministers, educators, historians, statesmen, and 36 men were prominent in the Confederacy during Civil War. Midland and eight others have geographical names. San Jacinto and Val Verde were named for battles, Live Oak and Orange, for trees, and Mason for a fort.