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by Doug R. Pricer & Neil H. Wright, III

Paperback- 288 pages
First edition (2006)
ISBN: 0-9712615-2-0
Dimensions (in inches): 0.8 x 9.00 x 6.00
Christopher Brown - Garza Industries, Inc. - Orange, California

Texans know that they live in a special place. Within Texas is a diversity of uniqueness from east to west and from north to south. How special is Texas? Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to tell us how truly blessed we are to be Texans. This is exactly what Californian Douglas R. Pricer and native Texan Neil H. Wright, III have done in their book, Roughneck, Stories from Sundown Texas.

In painting a picture of Sundown, Texas, the authors started with an empty canvas, the vast Llano Estacado. The reader first sees the foundational elements of this picture in the prehistoric and native inhabitants that roamed this vast empty land and then the European explorers who passed through the area with descriptions of the vast emptiness and seas of grass. However the real detail and composition of this picture is painted in the people who came to this land to stay. This book is a collection of stories about those people and how they struggled to make a living, raise a family, educate their children, and worship their God in a place where nothing came easy. Through these stories the reader senses a level of "community" that few have experienced and many will never understand.

In the closing lines of the book author Douglas R. Pricer reflects: "…And here on this patch of Green in Sundown – beneath the star splashed cathedral of Texas – I offer a quiet thanks of my own, for a people, a country, and a faith, I never knew."


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