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Texas Bob's Onion Lovers Burritos


Breakfast Sausage (Hot)
1 lbs.
Flour Tortillas Burrito Size (10")
Velveeta Cheese
As Needed
Medium Size Onion (the hotter the onion the better)


Slice the sausage into patties and cook in a frying pan. Break the sausage up as you cook it. Cook until done.

Slice Velveeta cheese into about 15, 1 " x " cheese sticks.

Dice the onion.

Put equal amounts of sausage into 5 tortillas. Add equal amounts of the onion to the tortillas, then place three cheese sticks to the tortillas. Roll the tortillas into burritos and wrap each with a paper towel.

Heat two at a time in the microwave on high for 60 seconds or one at a time for 45 seconds each.

Warning: After consuming the burritos don't breath on anyone for at least 24 hours.

Recommendations: I recommend Owens Hot Breakfast Sausage.