Tacos La Silla
Taco La Silla Restaurant
Taco La Silla

While in the Rio Grande Valley we decide we needed to find some good Mexican food. I'm not sure anymore what true Mexican is but I think that we may have found at Taco La Silla in Mission Texas.

When we walked in the door, we doubled the number of tables being occupied. Rarely do we get to dine out in a near silent environment. That in itself was refreshing. The waiter came to give us menus and as soon as he handed them to us he asked if we would rather have menus in English, we said, "yes".

Our waiter was great. His English was about as good as my Spanish, so we had some slight communication problems, but we were all patient and he managed to help us understand what we were ordering.

Clara ordered what I would guess is the house dish, Tacos La Silla, Beef fajita, bacon, onions, bell pepper and asadero cheese on top; Served with flour tortillas.

I don't remember what name was attached to my order, but I can tell you is was like a large soft taco with beef and pork filling, grilled onions and avocado slices.

The menu was an adventure for us and the food was good and the dining experience was a good one.

Taco La Silla
Tacos La Silla
A large soft Taco with Avacados
A large soft Taco
19 Apr 2019