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Momma's at Sengelmann Hall

531 N. Main - Schulenburg, Texas 77056

Momma's at Sengelmann Hall
Momma's at Sengelmann Hall

It started out a Friday evening trip to take in the Schulenburg Shorthorns Flatonia Bulldog football game. It was my intention to enjoy a good football game and I did that. What I had not planned on was reviewing a restaurant.

We arrived in Schulenburg with enough time to eat a pre-game meal. I drove right past a perfectly good Whataburger that I had eaten at before went to downtown Schulenburg. Right there next to the Texas Polka Music Museum was Momma's at Sengelmann Hall. I can eat here.

It was open, but it was empty. I announced, "We would like to eat." And a waitress announced, "You came to the right place." Had a seat and looked at the menu. The waitress talked as much as I do. She told us that it was Homecoming, and everyone had just left from decorating the dance hall upstairs for the Homecoming dance.

We ordered Cheese Burgers and fries and they were very good. I forgot to take a picture because I was hungry, but I am coming back.

It is short review but when I come back and I'll add more detail.

Heres a Tip: Before you hop in your truck and drive to Mamma's be sure and check their Facebook page to see if they are open or give them a call (979) 743-2300. Sometimes they close for private parties.

By the way, the Schulenburg Short Horns beat the Flatonia Bulldogs 35 - 15. Maybe I should have stayed for the Homecoming dance. Also I took the best Football Stadium photo of the 2018 season: Click here to see it.


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Momma's at Sengelmann Hall has a big dining room
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There is also a really cool curtain hanging on the wall. It looks like it came from an old theater

11 Oct 2018