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Life in the Glass Mountains of Texas

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Round-up Time

When round-up time came in the fall, all hands were called out cowboys came from miles around. The cattle wandered at will over the mountains and could be separated only by the brands. The chuck wagon was an important piece of furniture during round-up time. It was loaded with bedding cooking ware and food. A large box mounted on the back of the wagon held the food, and the lid let down to form a table. One man was designated as cook and followed the round-up. No food ever tasted better than that cooked from a chuck wagon over a camp fire.

Round-ups were conducted for two purposes: branding caves and cutting out cattle to be shipped to market.

Scott and I always enjoyed and helped with the round-ups, but Scott was almost killed one morning. He was riding Old Tom, one of our burros, and fell from the saddle, hanging his foot as he went down. Tom was mean and ran and kicked until we feared Scott's head would be crushed, but once again the Maker interceded.

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