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Life in the Glass Mountains of Texas

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O. T. Word

Before my story reaches the end, I feel that it is fitting to step aside from the main trend of thought and say a few words in behalf of O. T. and Isabell Word who were responsible for our habitat in the Glass Mountains.

O. T. and Isabell Word moved from Hunt County to Sutton County by wagon train when they were first married. They carried their worldly possessions with them, their wagon and team plus a few clothes and some bedding. By wise trading, O. T. Word became the owner of one of the largest ranches in Sutton County within a few years. He never turned a man from his door hungry he was-never known to take advantage of anyone he gave to the needy and was often surprised to receive money that he had lent without a note.

Uncle O. T. was "a plunger" in buying and sometimes hit the bottom but more often, the top. He owned the Glass Mountain Ranch on which we first lived. It was he who saw a future for us in Brewster County and persuaded my parents to go there.

I remember many of his visits with us. He always came laden with gifts that pleased the childish heart. I often watched him as he stood on the front porch, lifted his eyes to the mountains, and said, "The Land of Promise."

Isabell Word had no twin. There was no pattern with a likeness to hers. Her patience never failed even in the most trying hour. She was never too weary to cook for her family or any who passed through her door. She took her departure from this earth a few years prior to her husbands. They left five children well endowed with worldly goods but far richer in memories of their parents and their happy hours together.

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