The Players are Still Talking About this One

Odessa vs Sweetwater Game - 1945

I am Jerry Smith of the Sweetwater Team in 1945 that scored the controversial touchdown for Sweetwater. The ball was over the goal line I should know that for sure as I had the ball in my hand. The ball was booted around considerably before the recovery. Blondy Cross despised Sweetwater! He often tried to discredit the Mustangs. The touchdown that should have been in question was Odessa's winning touchdown (?) in the 4th quarter by J. W. Thompson. Sweetwater's left end, Fischer Mays was so obviously clipped that the official took his flag out of his pocket to throw it, saw Thompson was going to score, and put the flag back in his pocket. This is plainly seen on the film of the game. Head Coach Pat Gerald still had this film when he died. If Odessa's game film is available take a look at both controversial touchdowns. The Star Telegram article listed Kenneth Timmons as scoring Sweetwater's touchdown. He did hit the ball after the block punt but I scored the touchdown.

According to the program of the game it was played on Monday, November 12,1945, however, I am not sure why unless it was Armistice Day. Of the 11 [players] on the starting lineup there are 5 who are deceased. Four of the Starting lineup were together at a Class Reunion in October, 2001 and this game was rehashed over and over. The outcome was still the same. ---We Lost!

This afternoon at coffee I visited with Winston Robison #49 RH of the team [Sweetwater] and I asked him to relate to me how he remember the game. He remembers it almost word for word as I have told it to you.

One local Marine that had just returned from the South Pacific kicked in the Referees door at the Bluebonnet Hotel seeking the referee who failed to call the clip. (I was not there but I have heard this story over and over from different people) This clip occurred in front of the Odessa bench. Blondy Cross was standing on the 30-yard line on the Sweetwater side. He could not have seen the questionable touchdown that I scored from there. Had we played the game 10 times Odessa would have won 9 but on this date we all feel we were the Best!

Thanks for bringing ole' memories,
Jerry B. Smith, Sweetwater, Texas
April 1, 2004