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Plans for simple old time quilt frame

Needle, Thread and Spool

Materials Required:
"C" Clamps
1" x 2" straight boards at least 7 feet long
(This really depends on the size quilt you are making.)

1" x 4" boards at least 6 feet long
Muslin or ticking

Step 1:

Cut the 1" x 2" boards to the correct length for the quilt you are making.

Step 2:

Take a strip of Muslin (about 2.5 inches wide) and into a loop about 1.25 inches wide. Either staple or tack this strip to the frames. This strip will be used to attach the quilt back to the frame.

Step 3:

Next cut the 1" x 4" boards into pieces as shown in diagram. This can be done with a power saw or a hand saw.
Board Cuts
Board Cuts
Board Cuts

Step 4:

Assemble the stand as shown in the diagram below.
Board Cuts

Step 5:

The frames are held together with the "C" clamps as shown.
Board Cuts