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Using Up Scraps

Clara McSpadden 3/21/81

Needle, Thread and Spool

Have you ever noticed how scraps seem to multiply? No matter how nimbly your fingers fly.
Around my house there are lot of scraps, In various size boxes and paper sacks.

All from projects done before, Instead of scooting them out the door.
Kept for all the quilts I plan to make, When at last the time I take.

Friends and relatives have been so gracious, Making there own drawers and closets spacious.
Now I appreciate scraps, I really do, Sometimes I feel I need some room too!

That's when I decide to make a quilt, Through all my scraps I silt.
Here's a piece that will always clash, Ought to be thrown in the trash.

It will never look good, Blend in a quilt, as it should.
Keeping my primary motive in mind, Laying all prejudices behind,

Decide to use all the scraps I can, That's why this particular quilt I began.
While cutting, I think how easy it is, For those of us in the quilting "biz".

Picking and choosing our color selections. From material lined in natural progression.
To buy fabrics all brand new, Quilts are works of art when we're through.

Quilting wasn't done like that in my grandma's day, Using what they had was the way.
And since quilting wasn't invented by me, I decided to try it out and see.

Could a quilt be made from scraps or not, Or should the "Scrap Quilt" be forgot.
I've got to tell you it was a startling revelation, As I worked on this new creation.

Didn't think it would look like this a bit, Why every piece seems to match and fit.
And I don't mind saying, "It's really pretty", Had I search every shop in the city.

Searched the world all around, I could never have found.
Such an exquisite selection, To make the quilted perfection.

So I'll keep on saving scrapes of every kind, When you give me scraps I don't mind.
And I'll be thankful you're so generous, Because scraps make quilts that amaze most of us.