Texas Football Stadium Database

Texas Football Stadium Database

Frequently Ask Questions

What stadiums/fields can be listed in the stadium database?

Stadiums or Fields where the varsity College or High School team plays their regulars season game and Active NFL stadiums.

Are there exceptions?

Yes, there is only one in Texas. The Cotton Bowl at Fair Park in Dallas is included. No one uses it for a home field but it is still being used for the Red River Rivalry.

How do I submit a stadium that is not currently listed?

Go to the submission form here and complete the form as completely as possible

How do I submit a correction or update to a stadium that is already listed?

All that you have to do is go to the submission form here and make your correction and be sure to included the stadium name as currently listed, the address, the city and state. In the comment section you can always add explanations as necessary. Corrections are always welcome.

My son plays for a private school and they don't have anything but a practice field, so they lease a small stadium at a middle school from a local school district. Can it be listed in the database?

Yes, any field that a High School Varsity High School Football team plays their regular season games can and should be listed in the database.

My son is the quarterback of his middle school team. They have a nice small stadium on their campus. Can you list their stadium in the database?

No, they are not a high school varsity team.

When did TexasBob.com first go on-line?

The first version was published in 1997 on a free website vendor, GeoCities.com, then in August of 1999 the TexasBob.com URL was registered and then published

When did you first include the Texas Football Stadium Database as part of TexasBob.com?

September 2004

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