Texas Football Stadium Database

Texas High School Football Stadium Facts*

The statistics only include stadiums used by Texas High School varsity teams for regular season games.

Number of Stadiums
Seating Capacity Ranges
16,500 and greater
10,001 to 16,000
5,001 to 10,000
1,001 to 5,000
100 to 1,000

Total Number of High School Stadiums in Texas: 1267
Total State Wide Seating Capacity: 4,434,943
The population of Oklahoma: 3,959,353
Average Seating Capacity: 3500
Percent of High School Stadiums with Artificial Turf: 52.26%
Percent of High School Stadiums with Video Scoreboards:  23.36%

*All statistics are based on High School Stadiums that are used by a varsity team for home games only; and does not include High School teams that use college stadiums for their home games, college stadiums or professional stadiums. (Update July 2, 2022)