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R. Clinton Schulze Puncher Stadium
"The Puncher Dome"

566 Fairground Rd - Mason, Texas 76856

The Puncher Dome

The iconic R. Clinton Schulze Stadium, also known as the "Puncher Dome" was built in 1938. It was not built for football but as a horse racetrack. It was also used as a rodeo arena and at times a car racetrack.

In the late 1930's the Mason Punchers football team began playing football at the rodeo arena. The football field didn't really have a name. It was call "the football field", or the "football field by the fairgrounds".

It wasn't given a name until about 1990. If you ask the locals where they first heard the name "Puncher Dome"? You get a variety of answers. Some give the coach at that time the credit, others said they first heard it on the radio and other say that they read it in the San Angelo Standard Times as quote from a varsity football player who called it the "Puncher Dome" in an interview.

Then in 1997 The community honored long time community leader R. Clinton Schulze by adding his name to the stadium. Then it was known as "R. Clinton Schulze Puncher Stadium", or the "Puncher Dome" for short.

I've only attended one game at the "Puncher Dome". That was the 2021 homecoming game against the Johnson City Eagles. In that short period of time, I learned that if you come to play the Punchers in the Puncher Dome, you better come ready to play.