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Texas Timeline - 1835

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1835 May 17 A. B. Dodson marries Sarah Bradley. She later gives him a - flag-a red, white and blue banner with a lone star - for his army company.
1835 June 30 Mexicans put down an uprising of colonists at Anahuac.
1835 October 02 The first shots of the revolution are fired at Gonzales.
1835 October 07 Greenberry Logan, a free Negro, joins the Texas army and later fights in the battle at Concepcion and is wounded in the siege of the Bexar.
1835 October 10 Gail Borden Jr. begins publishing the Telegraph and Texas Register.
1835 November 25 The Texas navy is created.
1835 December 04 Ben Milam and his men storm the Bexar to drive out the Mexican army.