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1836 February 08 David Crockett and some of his 'Tennessee boys' arrive at the Alamo.
1836 February 11 Col. James Neill leaves the Alamo; Travis takes command.
1836 February 29 William Oury is sent out of the Alamo with a plea for help from General Houston. (Oury dies in bed 50 years later.)
1836 March 01 Thirty-two men from Gonzales fight their way into the Alamo. No other volunteers come.
1836 March 02 The Texas Declaration of Independence is adopted at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
1836 March 03 Moses Rose chooses to leave the Alamo rather than stay and fight.
1836 March 04 Sam Houston is elected commander-in-chief of the Texas army.
1836 March 05 Charles Goodnight, trail driver, is born in Illinois.
1836 March 06 The Alamo falls.
1836 March 10 Sam Carson arrives late to sign the Declaration of Independence. A week later he loses by six votes becoming the president of Texas.
1836 March 11 Sam Houston assumes command of the army at Gonzales.
1836 March 13 Gonzales is burned as the Runaway Scrape begins.
1836 March 19 James Fannin and his men lose the Battle of Coleto Creek.
1836 March 27 On Palm Sunday James Fannin and his men were divided into three groups, marched onto open prairie, and shot. Remember Goliad!
1836 March 29 San Felipe is burned to prevent its falling into the hands of the Mexican army.
1836 April 15 Sam Houston turns his army toward San Jacinto.
1836 April 19 Houston appeals for help to fight the war.
1836 April 21 The Texans beat the Mexican army at San Jacinto.
1836 May 14 Santa Anna and President David Burnet sign the Treaty of Velasco.
1836 May 19 Nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker is captured by Indians; it will be 24 years before her rescue.
1836 June 03 Land-based Texas Rangers capture Mexican ships, earning the nickname 'Horse Marines.'
1836 August 26 The Allen Brothers buy the site for 'Houston.'
1836 October 22 Sam Houston is inaugurated president of the republic
1836 November 15 Texas patriot Lorenzo de Zavalla dies.
1836 December 27 Stephen F. Austin dies.

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