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Texas Timeline - 1862

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1862 March 07 John Bell Hood assumes command of the 'Texas Brigade.'
1862 April 06 Albert Sidney Johnston is killed in battle at Shiloh, Tennessee.
1862 May 05 Cinco de Mayo; the Mexicans rout the French at Puebla.
1862 August 10 Vengeful Confederates attack German-American loyalists on the banks of the Nueces; 40 die.
1862 September 11 William Sydney Porter ('0'Henry'), who lives and writes for a time in Texas, is born in North Carolina.
1862 October 0 The Great Gainesville Hanging. Nineteen men thought to be Union sympathizers are strung up on various days throughout the month in the aftermath of an incident known as the Peace Party Conspiracy.
1862 October 26 Federal gunboats blockade Pass Cavallo and take Indianola
1862 November 29 John Bankhead Magruder arrives in Texas to take command of the Confederate forces.