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Texas Timeline - 1874

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1874 January 11 Gail Borden dies. He had published newspapers during the Texas Revolution, surveyed the wilderness, and invented condensed milk.
1874 January 17 Carpetbagger rule in Texas ends with the election of a Democratic government.
1874 April 05 Houston business tycoon Jesse Jones is born in Tennessee.
1874 May 02 John B. Jones is commissioned major in the Texas Rangers' Frontier Battalion.
1874 June 27 The Indians lose the second battle of Adobe Walls.
1874 August 30 The first fight of the Red River Indian War takes place in Palo Duro Canyon.
1874 September 12 The battle of 'Buffalo Waller' begins in Hemphill County; six men hold off over 100 Indians for three days.
1874 September 14 The Sixth Cavalry arrives just in time to scare off Indians attacking Lyman's wagon train.
1874 September 28 Gen. Ronald MacKenzie led his men in one of the last major Indian battles in Texas, at Palo Duro Canyon.
1874 November 24 J.F Glidden patents barbed wire.
1874 December 26 Joe McComb stages the first commercial buffalo hunt in Texas.