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Friday Night All You Can Eat Catfish

Cross Roads Tavern
Cat Spring, Texas

The Cross Roads Tavern at Cat Spring, Texas
The Cross Roads Tavern at Cat Spring, Texas
The Cross Roads Tavern at Night
The Cross Roads Tavern at Night

The Cross Roads Tavern
Cat Spring, Texas


From Sealy, Texas take FM 1094 to the north west toward Cat Spring, Texas approximately 12 miles. You can't miss it.

About an hour after we check in with Sunny and John Snyder at Southwind Clara and I headed to the Cross Roads. It was only about 1/2 mile away so we were there quickly. When we arrived there were about4 or 5 pickups sitting in formation in the bar ditch next to the Cross Roads Tavern. So as not to appear uninitiated in proper pickup parking we formed up with them.

Even though we were early this was in the middle of November so it was already dark as we made our way down the dark road toward the lights of "Cross Roads". We made it passed the gas pumps into the front door, passed the bar and into the dinning room.Before going into the dining room we stopped at the cash register to pay or flat fee for the all you can eat dinner.

The small dining room reminded me of a small fellowship hall in a country church with eight foot folding tables being used both as serving tables and dining tables. The meal is served "Buffet Style" or as we call it, help yourself and if you don't get enough it's your on fault. The fish is piled high in aluminum trays with all the other thing you need arranged around it, fries, hush puppies, tartar sauce and ice tea, plain and sweetened. At the end of the line are packs of plastic eating utensils complete with a napkin, salt pepper and a package of sugar. I recommend you get at least two packs, my fork always breaks.

This not a place for a quiet intimate dinner for two because chances are your going to be sharing your meal and table with another family or group. This is not a bad thing, unless you want to be alone. There are plenty of opportunities to meet everybody.

Didn't get enough fish or need just a couple more hush puppies to top off the meal? Just get up and get some more. If you happened to be stuck at the back of the table and can't get out? Ask one of your nice dinner companions you just met if he'll go get you a few hush puppies when he gets up to get his second helping.

How was a the meal? It was good. Arriving early some of the fish was not as hot as I might have liked it because they were cooking a lot for the crowd to yet to come. The second helping was good and hot.

Heading out the door it was standing room only in the bar and the pickup's were arriving and the people were pouring in. Another Friday night at the Cross Roads.

Update: 10 April 2020