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The Globe at Odessa College

Odessa, Texas

The Globe at Odessa College
The Globe at Odessa College

"To be or not to be, --that is the question:"
Hamlet (III, i, 56-61)

In 1948 at Odessa High School in Marjorie Morris's senior English class an idea was born. The idea was that this West Texas oil town needed to build a replica of William Shakespeare's Globe Theater.

The Odessa High School Shakespeare Club took on the project, donations were solicited and the plans were drawn. Ten years later on land

donated by Odessa College, groundbreaking ceremonies were held on March 7th, 1958. Construction progressed as funds were available. The Globe at Odessa College was formally dedicated in May of 1964. Most of the credit for this accomplishment has to rest with the dedication of Marjorie Morris and her labor of love, the Globe Theater.

I grew up with the Globe theater. In elementary school we saw it in its original configuration without a roof over the gallery. Later a roof was added. Over my life time I've seen good plays, bad plays and great performances of all types. I learned to understand the Elizabethan English accent, with a West Texas twang. I learned to appreciate the writings of William Shakespeare. I also heard a lot of great music. (The theatre has great acoustics.) I've seen Odessa College perform musicals like "Oklahoma". I've seen Houston's A.D. Players perform "Sara and Abraham". The Globe of the Great Southwest has been a venue of great value for Odessa, Texas.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare


The Globe Theater at Odessa College

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