Gilberto Luna

Gilberto Luna's Jacal

Old Maverick Rd, Big Bend National Park, Texas

Gilberto Luna built this jacal and lived here until 1947, when he died at the age of 108. Luna was well-known and respected among the residents of the Big Bend.

Here at the edge of Alamo Creek, Gilberto Luna raised a large family in this small house called a jacal (hah-KAHL). Built from rock, earth, and plant fiber, the dwelling was well adapted to desert conditions: notice a dramatic temperature difference as you step inside. Luna irrigated the land he farmed with floodwater diverted from the nearby creek.

Gilberto Luna - 1839-1947 (age 108)

Old Maverick Starts near the Santa Elena Canyon overlook. From the overlook to Luna's Jacal is about 6.4 miles (10.3 kilo). From the Jacal to the paved Texas Highway 118 (Maverick Road Junction).

Just north of Luna's Jacal is Javelina Wash. If there is any water in it or it is very damp, turn around. This is not the road you want to get stranded on. No cell service and road service virtually nonexistent.