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Stephen Austin Memorial Park

Austinville, Virginia

Stephen F. Austin Memorial
Stephen Fuller Austin, Son of Moses and Mary (Maria) Brown Austin, was born in this community on November 3, 1793. His father and uncle Stephen Austin operated the lead mines here from about 1789 to 1798. The family and numerous members of the community moved to the lead mines in Missouri, when Stephen was five years old. Following his father’s death, Stephen became a colonizer and political. For his help in assisting Texas settlers gain their independence he became know as the “Father of Texas”.

The Father of Texas

They say that Tennessee is the "Mother of Texas". No one is sure who the father is, but we're pretty sure it is Virginia. To that end the little town of Austinville, Virginia, the birth place of Stephen F. Austin, has a memorial park dedicated to their favorite son. The flags of the United States, Virginia and Texas fly over the site. An "Austin Oak" has been planted on that location. All to memorialize the "Father of Texas" Stephen Fuller Austin.

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Stephen F. Austin Memorial Park - Austinville, VA
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Stephen F. Austin Memorial
Stephen Fuller Austin Memorial Park - Austinville, Virginia

Update: 10 April 2020