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Historical - Saint Martins Church

The Worlds Smallest Catholic Church

Saint Martins Church
Saint Martins Church
Interior - Saint Martins Church
Interior - Saint Martins Church

In a state that prides itself in everything being big this diminutive house of worship is an exception. If you can't be the largest, try at least to be unique. With dimensions of approximately twelve by sixteen feet, I'm not going to doubt it's boast of being the "Worlds Smallest Catholic Church".

Located just outside of Warrenton, Texas in Fayette county the church mostly attract tourist, however from what I could tell services are still being held here.

Visitors are welcome and if you would like to see the inside, just give the door a little tug. It's not locked but the day I was there the doors was a little tight because of recent rains.

Inside you will find everything in place to celebrate Mass. An alter, tabernacle, and a notebook to write prayer request. Along with other religious icons there is a place to make donations for the upkeep for the church.

Stop by and visit, enjoy it, but don't mess with anything.


Saint Martin's Mission. Northeast of Warrenton, Texas on Hwy 237, past FM 954, on west side.

Update: 10 April 2020