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Texas State Cemetery

Austin, Texas

Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin

  • Stephen Fuller Austin, founder of Anglo-American Texas
  • Republic of Texas, Secretary of State - 1836
Robert McAlpin Williamson

Robert McAlpin Williamson -- Better known as "Three Legged Willie"

  • Texas Ranger
  • Republic of Texas Veteran
  • Judge, 3rd Judicial District of Texas
  • Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas
  • Member, Republic of Texas House of Representatives
  • Member, Republic of Texas Senate
Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan

  • Member and President Pro Tempore, Texas Senate
  • Member, United States House of Representatives
Fred Gipson

Fred Gipson -- Texas Author

  • "The Fabulous Empire: Colonel Zack Miller's Story" (1946)
  • "Hound-Dog Man" (1949)
  • "The Home Place" (1950; later filmed as "Return of the Texan")
  • "Big Bend: A Homesteader's Story" (1952)
  • "Cowhand: The Story of a Working Cowboy" (1953);
  • "The Trail-Driving Rooster" (1955);
  • "Recollection Creek" (1955);
  • "Old Yeller" (1956)
  • "Savage Sam" (1962)
Tom Landry

Tom Landry

  • National Football League Hall of Fame
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Board Chairman
  • Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, 1960 - 1988
  • University of Texas, Distinguished Alumnus
  • U. S. Army Air Corps Pilot, World War II

Mr. Landry is buried in Dallas, Texas - This marker is a cenotaph*

*cenotaph (cen·o·taph) (sn-tf) n. A monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere.