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The Painted Churches of Fayette County

Fayette County, Texas

St. Cyril's Methodius Catholic Church

Dubina Texas Fayette County - Established 1856
St. Cyril's Methodius Catholic Church

The Original Church Building was destroyed in 1909 when hit by a tropical storm. The Church was rebuilt in 1909-1911. Rumor has it much of the Ornate painting was covered over with white paint in the early 1950's. This coat never quiet covered the original painting so the parishioners began removing the white paint and restoring the original in the mid 1980's, using photograph's from before the mistake. The windows in this church are not stained glass like many of the others but they allow a great deal of natural light in to enhance the Sky-blue ceiling and ornate painting that is in the church.

Map Link: St. Cyril and Methodius Church

St John the Baptist Catholic Church

Ammonsville Texas - Fayette County Established 1890
St. Cyril's Methodius Catholic Church

This church was founded in 1890 Destroyed by a hurricane in 1909 rebuilt then burned down in 1917 to be rebuilt again. Fortunately, they kept rebuilding this church. It is a more open church since it does not have supporting columns for the ceiling. They were able to save some of the statues from the church that burned down to use in the 1919 edition of this church.

Map Link: Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

High Hill, Texas - Fayette County Established 1861
St. Cyril's Methodius Catholic Church

This Church was rebuilt in 1906 using the stained-glass windows from the original church. The effect of the Stained glass in this church is really quiet overwhelming it is referred to as the queen of the painted churches and I agree.

Map Link: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

St Mary's Catholic Church

Praha, Texas - Fayette County - Established 1865
St. Cyril's Methodius Catholic Church

The Current Building was built in 1895. The original Structure was just a small room. The town of Praha lost nine men in World War II making it the community with the largest per capita loss due to world war II in the country. There is a monument to these men, and inside the monument is a plaque with the words for the bugle call TAPS.

Map Link: St. Mary's Catholic Church

One of the Common factors for these four churches is that they are all active churches so Sunday would not be a good day to visit.

Also, they are all out in the sticks so unless you are a good navigator you should consider going on the painted churches tour put on by the Schulenburg chamber of commerce. Even Google has a hard time finding these places. We have placed a map link at the end of each church listing.


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