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Stonehenge - Odessa

Odessa, Texas

Stonehenge Replica - Located on the University 
			of Texas of the Permian Basin - Odessa, Texas
Stonehenge Replica - Located on the University of Texas of the Permian Basin - Odessa, Texas
Gazing through the stones...
Gazing through the stones...


My secret sources in Odessa, and I have many, tell me that it all has to do with a High School Football game. That is the annual cross-town rivalry game between the Odessa High Bronchos and the Odessa Permian Panthers. (Yes! there are two High Schools in Odessa) Just as the sunsets beneath the press box at Ratliff Stadium a few miles away, the shadow of the press box focuses through the stones on the western quadrant of the Stonehenge, if the shadow appears on the inside face of the stone on the eastern quadrant, Permian wins, if not Odessa wins. It seems the earth has to wobble a bit on its axis for Odessa High to win, but it happens occasionally.

"Only in Odessa ..."

Well Odessa has done it again. They have yet another "Replica" that seems a bit out of place. In June of 2004 a group of citizens were completing a dream they had for awhile. About 20 stone blocks replicas of the ancient megalith in southwest England were placed on carefully laid foundations on the northeast side of The University of Texas of the Permian Basin campus. The stone was donated by TexaStone of Garden City, Texas

Although the Stonehenge replica is horizontally the same as the original it is a few few feet shy vertically. The tallest stone on the original being 22 feet and the tallest stone in this replica being 19 feet. As one Stonehenge coordinator said, "The stones are free, you take what you can get."

The Odessans on the Street

Here are a few quotes from the locals looking on from the Home Depot across the street from the construction site:

"Anytime you see something other than a pump jack in Odessa, you're increasing your culture."

"I think it's incredible, This is really going to be something to see in Odessa.."

"It's going to be a really good deal."

"There'll be people coming onto campus, people pulling off I-20 to see something like this. If they come off to see Stonehenge, they might go visit the museums, might go have lunch and might find a whole bunch of other wonderful things to do in Odessa."

If you squint your eyes...

and gaze through the "Stonehenge" formation you can see, a Texas flag, a car dealer, a Pizza Hut, a baseball field, and a Home Depot.

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Update: 10 April 2020